Gratitude Wall

Why Gratitude?


So why are we talking about gratitude on a website that also talks about one of the most painful events a Daughter can experience?

Gratitude has quite literally pulled me out of the depths of a 32-year never-ending cycle of deep emotional pain and a repeating the same self-destructive patterns.

Gratitude has helped me see, even when it was just for a minute, that life can be different, and I have the power to make it so.

Gratitude has helped me refocus the pain I have carried with me all these years into a new way of living.

Gratitude has changed my perspective and my thoughts (a tricking-your-brain-of-sorts) and thus created deeper, more meaningful relationships with the people I care about.

Truth is, it's almost impossible to be grateful AND swirling in pain at the same time.

Gratitude has given me the freedom to move away from the loss of my Mom and to a place of being able to embrace the life she lived, the gifts she left behind and helped me to see how she lives on in me.

My Own Gratitude Wall ...


When I was 14, I lost my Mom. In the many years since, there are many people who have been there through the joy and the pain. Their love, friendship, laughter, acceptance, and guidance has been (and continues to be) the biggest light of my life. My cup runneth over and, for this, I am forever grateful.


Dad and Mom Sharyn

Mary Tyler

Chris Duehring

Steve and Erin Pearson

Andrew, Alyssa and Aidan Pearson

Norm Lamarre and Mike Downey

Karin Olson

Dawn, Pat and Brody Hannon

Shirley and Hugh Tyler

Deb Cozzone

Terry-Lynn Alpin

Kayla and Ben Olson

Jean and Joe Harrop

Carol DiCarlo and Paul Blanchette

Kim, Jordan and Austin Barlow

Ann Marie Frasier

Marilyn Pride

Elijah Olson

Nathan Olson

Gary Scott

Edla Olson

Margaret Robling

Jack Jones and Shawn Lundy

Barbara and Chuck Feldman

Joe Napolitano

Kim Ebner

Rich Mederios

Stephen Flaherty

Deb Bettencourt

Susan Raymond Conroy

Gretchen Schwab Abrhams

Rochelle, Nate, Nicole and Heather Ray

Kathleen, Bruce and CJ Brewer

Karen Altner

Jeff Steele

Joel Levinson

Hope Edelman

Ray Edwards

Brene Brown

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to all the Daughters out there who have lived through this experience, survived the pain and yet carried on … despite it all.