Holiday Hug Challenge

Holiday Hug Challenge


Ok, so truth be told, I came home from work tonight and looked at the box of holiday cards on my dining table and thought … ugh!!

It’s not that I don’t like sending cards or reconnecting with people I haven’t spoken to or seen in a while … it’s that I do like to write a personal note and include a special memory in each card … and that takes time … of which I seem to be short of lately. 

In this month of holiday celebrations … when we are often bogged down with an endless to-do list filled with holiday parties, gift buying, holiday cards, planning meals, decorating, celebrating and perhaps donating our time … it is easy to get overwhelmed. 


It’s also easy to forget that, despite the luster and brightness of the holidays, people can be sad, are hurting and are in need. 


I have shared on the Mom Loss Survivors Facebook page the stories of my Mom’s amazing hugs. Of all the things I miss about her (especially this time of year), I miss her hugs the most. I miss the way her hugs pulled me in, held me close and made me feel safe, warm and so loved.

As a way to remember her, I try to hug others with the same depth and love that she hugged me ... and as much as possible.

‘Oh no’ you say … she is NOT going to ask us to go around the office and hug our colleagues, is she? 

No, I am not, but I can tell you that I hugged a colleague today that I hadn’t seen in quite some time and it felt wonderful (and not at all weird) and it started a great conversation.

What I AM asking is, in this month when we are celebrating so many things … including the gift of giving without the thought of return … can you take 10 seconds and give a hug to someone you love, someone you like or even someone you may not even know today and every day for the remainder of December??

Whether that person is happy and fulfilled in their life or hurting and in a really bad place … I guarantee you that your hug can change their day, their attitude or maybe even their whole life.

I am choosing to honor my Mom and the gift of her amazing hugs this holiday season … and share them abundantly with others …

Will you join me??

So much love, 


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