How Do YOU Take Care of YOU?

How Do YOU Take Care of YOU?


Ok, let’s get serious for a few minutes ….

When is the last time you took care of YOU?

When is the last time you showed yourself some self-compassion?

If you are anything like me, you oftentimes put everyone else first and you last … or not at all.

Personally, I find it so easy to do or give all I have to others but when it comes to taking care of me … I always put that last.

Recently, I ended up with a very bad cold that I am finally getting over after 3+ weeks of being down for the count. I am not a person who normally gets sick and feeling so unlike myself for so many weeks not only scared me but really made me pause.

You see, there was a layoff at work and I immediately was asked to take on the job of my colleague (and friend) in addition to the full-time job I already had. I had also stopped going to yoga for the past few months and wasn’t eating my best. In addition, I was out socializing much more than I had in a very long time, not sleeping enough and burning the proverbial candle at both ends. Finally, I was trying to keep all the other balls of life I normally juggled in the air and keep everyone happy.

Needless to say, I crashed … and the cold came down hard. Physically and mentally I was out of whack.

It was time to re-evaluate. I had worked so hard this year to learn how to take care of myself and show myself self-compassion and yet, in just few short weeks, I seemed to have forgotten everything.

I created this list to help me get back on track and as a daily reminder. Sounds crazy but I literally taped it on my bathroom mirror so I can remind myself each and every morning. I can tell you that physically seeing the list in front of me while I am getting ready for the day helps keep these things at the forefront of my mind throughout the day.


15 Things You Can Do to Take Care of, Pamper or Be Kind to Yourself:


  1. Set the ambiance to create a positive environment. Light your favorite candles, put on your favorite music, burn incense.
  2. Eat healthy, make better food choices.
  3. Play instrumental music to relax your mind and help you sleep.
  4. Find small ways to do a few things to create a sense of productivity. Clean a drawer, organize a shelf, tackle a small project you have been putting off.
  5. Set aside some time to be creative by flexing your artistic muscle. Re-arrange a room or an area in your home, color in a coloring book (yes, I said color … like with good old fashioned crayons).
  6. Connect with someone - write an email, send a hand-written note, pick up the phone.
  7. Listen to music that you love. Loud (if you like) and maybe even sing.
  8. Treat yourself to your favorite coffee at your go-to coffee place, which also gives you the opportunity to connect with your fellow customers and baristas.
  9. Start a gratitude journal and create a daily practice. Start with just one thing you are grateful for each morning … you will be surprised how quickly this grows.
  10. Pick up and read your favorite type of book.
  11. Make sleep a priority. Catch up on or get some extra zzzzs!
  12. Spend time with family … talking and really connecting.
  13. Go for a walk, take a class, dance or try something new.
  14. Buy some flowers for your home or office.
  15. Dance. Period.

So, when IS the last time YOU took care of YOU?


What are some of the things you do already, what are some of the things you are working on incorporating in the future?

And, if YOU are not taking care of YOU … if not now … then when???


I would love to read your thoughts and in comments below.

So much love,


2 comments on “How Do YOU Take Care of YOU?

  1. Jen, this is a wonderful blog! It makes my heart happy! I just might tape your list up next to my mirror too. I find it extremely difficult to figure out “me time”, things to make me happy and adding in fun. I sooo busy with life. Thanks for putting it all in perspective! Yes

    • Hi Melanie! Thank you so much for your thoughts and support! I hope the list reminds you just how important it is that we take care of us … even when time is short (or non-existent). I look forward to hearing about all the ways you are taking care of YOU going forward. Hugs!❤️


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