We are stronger together …

We are stronger together …


In the past several weeks, I have vulnerably shared some of my journey in moving towards the other side of Mom Loss … including my struggles, my triumphs and some of my story. I have written about my experiences in asking for and receiving help, seeing myself as lovable, re-connecting with Mom and bringing her back into my life …  and I am excited to continue to share more of my story in the weeks and months to come.

However, it’s important to me that this blog not just include my experience and the Mom Loss movement to be shared only through the lens of what I have seen and felt all these years. 

Perhaps some of my story resonated with you or maybe your story is very different. Each of our experiences are important and there is so much we can learn from each other.


Seriously, I would like this blog to be about all of us. Yes, ALL of us. 


In order to really create a community, we need more than one voice ... 

In order to move past the pain to a place of hope … we need more than one experience ...

In order to find our way back to happy, we need to lock arms and do this together and support each other in every way possible ... 

Soooooo … will you please help me (and each of us) by sharing your Mom Loss story? 

Please send your story (and a photo if you would like) to [email protected]. Also, if you could let me know if it is ok to use your story and your name in a future blog post, that would be great too. 


Each of our stories is so very important. We can do this … together. 


From the bottom of my heart … thank you. ❤️

So much love,



MLS P.S. I have said from the beginning that we are so much stronger together … and I am reminded of this each time someone comments on a blog post or reaches out through Facebook or sends a private note of support or how they can relate too. Thank you for following my journey, sharing yourself with me and all you have done to keep the Mom Loss movement going. 


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