Who I Am

My Mom Loss Journey



I know who you are...I know that's you because I have walked a similar path with a similar struggle. I lost my Mom when I was 14 and have spent every day since on a quest to be liked and loved ... most oftentimes at any cost.

Your stories and your experiences may be different, but we are all welcome here.

You and I are the walking wounded. We are ...

Daughters who are in pain in every day, regardless of how long it's been since Mom died. 

Daughters who feel less than, not enough, unheard, and not valued. 

Daughters who put everyone else first and ourselves last. 

Daughters who value ourselves based on how we serve others and never ourselves. 

Daughters who want to be loved at any cost. And, even when we find it, it's never enough to fill our proverbial 'tank'. 

Daughters who value ourselves because we are the 'nice girls'. You know … the ones who are always smiling and happy but dying on the inside.

Daughters who feel like we should 'save' everyone.

Daughters who accept only what others are willing to give.

Shall I go on? Sounds fabulous, doesn't it? 

I hope we can learn from and support each other on this journey and create a community where we all belong. Because, seriously, I am tired of walking this path alone … how about you?

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In addition to my focus on Mom Loss …

I have spent the last 20 years working as a Relationship Manager in the Financial Services industry. By far, the most meaningful and rewarding part of my career are the relationships I have created and nurtured with my clients and my colleagues and, for this, I am truly grateful.

I love …


Yoga … which makes me feel strong, flexible and emotionally grounded.

Walking … especially by the ocean.

Gardening … there is just something about digging in and planting something beautiful that leaves me feeling so blessed.

Country line dancing … how could a girl from New England be so obsessed with Country Music?

Converse sneakers … yes, sneakers. My ‘slight’ obsession began with a light pink pair and has grown into many pairs of many different colors. The freedom to express myself through something as simple as the color of a sneaker is so much fun. Also, there is just something about wearing a yellow pair of sneakers that brightens my whole day.

Oh yes, I have crazily committed to running a 10k in November so the training for this has commenced … ok barely … at least in my head … my body is trying to catch up. Yikes!